Best NFT Gaming MarketPlaces In 2022

Since the advent of NFT, many industries and businesses have reaped the benefits of blockchain technology and are flourishing as a result. As more developers enter the blockchain space, new use cases for the technology emerge daily. The gaming industry is no exception, as NFT has the potential to catapult the industry into a new era of technological magnificence by introducing an NFT gaming marketplace.

The NFT gaming marketplace is currently trending, paving the way for future generations to reap the benefits of their business growth and reap the enormous profits and rewards that come with it. There are numerous NFT gaming marketplaces available in the world today. The crypto-blockchain recognized its potential and saw it becoming a reality with the concept of play to earn.

The major NFT gaming marketplace that has seriously influenced the gaming society and crypto enthusiasts is listed below. These marketplaces have displayed excellence and can shine brighter as they predicted this evolution over past years.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a community-curated platform owned by the players. These players can transact their assets (in-game) and non-fungible tokens for digital currencies. 

The platform is an NFT based online gaming marketplace that focuses on creating a metaverse. For example, the Axie Infinity is a game pivoted around fantasy creatures known as Axis that can be mutated, grown, and sold. Each player here is to get started with at least 3 Axis and be rewarded with Erc-20 Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) token.

Although the marketplace centers only on gaming, it has had a total trading volume of about $4 billion. Some people have made a living just by breeding and selling Axis.

The platform only sells items and characters from their ecosystem and nothing else. So In case, you’re in search of a fresh digital motif to showcase, you have to look somewhere else.

Unlike digital arts or other NFT collectibles, Axie NFT doesn’t just lie in your wallet, but you can use it for breeding more Axies that can be sold. You can as well earn tokens by battling and winning the other players. 

The Ethereum blockchain serves as the platform’s backbone, conducting all transactions using ETh as its native token. However, a 4.25% charge is taken from the seller (not the buyer) for each trade made by the marketplace. This means that if you sell an Axie Infinity NFT worth $100, you receive $95.75, while the remaining part of the sale price goes to the core developer of Axie infinity-Sky Mavis as a commission fee. 

Meanwhile, a gas fee charge is imposed on buyers by the marketplace. Here, there are four categories of gas fee, which includes slow, standard, fast, and rapid. They all depend on the nature and type of transaction.


The Decentraland marketplace is another massive giant in the NFT gaming world. A blockchain-based virtual world that allows players to buy, hold scenes, and creative arts as they explore the wider community.

The marketplace has a great reputation for virtual estate and has a trading value of about 330 million USD per day.

The platform’s ultimate purpose is to pass ownership to the creators and members of the virtual space. The first virtual world (part of metaverse) is where people may create and earn assets on the things they develop and own. 

Decentraland is another gaming marketplace where players can interact with the marketplace to earn fortunes. It has a market cap of about 600 million dollars and owns its token-MANA with about 2.6billion supplies.

In Decentraland, policies are changed by the proposition and voting of the community, creators, future land auctions, and marketplace using DOA. So far, this stands as one of the best gaming marketplaces.

Crypto kitties

Crypto kitties hail as one of the early fathers of the NFT platform in the gaming world, playing a huge role in the development of identity to the nuts.  


The marketplace is backed up by the Ethereum blockchain network. And developed by the Canadian studio dapper lab, allowing players in the system to buy, collect, breed, and sell virtual cats with different features of ranging levels of rarity.


Crypto kitties are owned by players and tracked by the Ethereum blockchain network. Each kitty in the platform is represented as an NFT using the Erc- 721 tokens. So to join in the game, players must buy ether-cryptocurrency and spend it to perform operations like breeding and trade actions in the game. Each crypto kitty is unique, and its value can inflate and deflate based on the market.


In the marketplace, there is only a limited number of about 4 billion cats that can be bred. This is due to the finite number of cats going into circulation and their finite genomes. Each cat has a distinct attribute and appearance determined by its genotypes stored in the blockchain contract. 


The crypto kitties are now more than a rivalry for their competitors with different genesis where a cat was sold for 246Eth. The highest sold crypto kitty is the dragon- sold for 600 Ether a month after it was born. It is also the most valuable kitty on the platform. The platform has also made about 40 million dollars worth of transactions even in the early days of the NFT invasion.


The sandbox is a non-fungible gaming marketplace backed up by the Ethereum blockchain network. A decentralized gaming metaverse that allows non-tech-savvy users to create, buy, sell and monetize their NFTs. The marketplace uses its native token SAND to pivot all transactions and interactions in the game. SAND can be earned through playing games and contest on the platform. It can also be purchased in any crypto trading marketplace like Binance.


In the sandbox, holders can stake SAND within the game in other to earn or make rewards, including a share in the revenue from all SAND token transactions. Also, staking SAND can increase the possibility of finding valuable CATALYST and GEMs- game resources that are needed for creating a valuable asset with a higher rarity.


The platform’s ecosystem is made up of three integrated services and products that ease user content creation:

  1. The vox edit: a program that creates non-fungible gaming assets 
  2. A marketplace: a platform to sell and buy assets
  3. Game maker: tool players use to build their own game experiences


It has one of the finest track records of about 15 thousand supplies of NFTs distributed to the platform, which is very cool for an NFT gaming space. It also has a cumulative playing time of about 150k hours in the space with an approximation of 250k ALPHA hub visitors in the market.


Unlike many other NFT gaming platforms, it doesn’t have any predetermined gaming world but adopts a simple approach for users to be able to create and customize everything with a free and easy-to-use tool.


Sandbox appears to be one of the socially active marketplaces with enormous social media contest members, where Twitter alone has 100k worth of members.

Aliens world

The Aliens world NFT gaming platform is a decentralized metaverse linked to Ethereum, Binance smart chain, and WAX.

It is a marketplace that features a cloud-based wallet with more than 8.500 active wallets per day and one of the best ways to earn by playing unique digital items.

Running on the WAX blockchain makes the platform highly accessible to anyone; all they have to do is create a WAX cloud wallet using social media logins like Google, Steam, and Facebook. 

The platform’s structure is characterized by a goal of earning trillium (TLM). TLM is the cross-chain Erc-20/Bep-20 that links the metaverse and enables the transfer of value and voting in planet DAOs. The TLM can be earned by constantly playing the game. In the game, players need to travel across the planet or solve missions on the planet. If lucky, you can discover new weapons, avatars, and minions while mining the TLM.

According to statistics from DappRadar, the platform records more than 2.5 million transactions a day.


The idea of the game and the metaverse logic got many thrilled. This is one of the best games for play-to-earn supposition. No one is willing to give up the chance of earning just by playing the game.


PlayDapp is a C2C blockchain-powered entertainment sports service for gamers and developers. A marketplace built on the Ethereum network for buying and selling NFTs and other digital products or collectibles. 

It aims at bringing non-crypto game users into blockchain through the service ecosystem. To do so, the marketplace provides PG solutions, various blockchain networks, and game dApps to play games without cryptocurrency, allowing more users to play on the play app service platform and become crypto game users.

The marketplace is designed to work with Metamusk and Portis. These two wallet would give you the optimal experience. Also, every single NFT can be purchased and listed using PLA or ETH. And as the List of NFTs rises in the platform, more choices and chances increase on your journey to interoperability.

It also rewards both players and developers. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of games to earn income. What is more, you’ll be able to trade characters and items from those games.

The playDapp platform provides the market with a scalable alternative to other DEXs. It has lower fees, unlike other popular Ethereum DEX like Uniswap. With this, users earn and save more using the playDapp marketplace.

Flow (blockchain)

The flow marketplace is a highly decentralized blockchain built to support apps, games, and digital assets. 

As a developer-centric blockchain, The Marketplace is designed for low-cost and fast transactions that make sense for dApps like NFT marketplaces, extensive scaling without sharding techniques, and crypto-based video games.

The chronicles of flow can be traced back to 2017 when Dapper Labs introduced the Cryptokitties game on the Ethereum blockchain. The game was a viral blockchain game that allowed users to buy, breed, and sell cats. The trends and popularity of Cryptokitties slowed Ethereum transactions while inflating gas fees to curb such challenges. It was then that the dapper lap birthed the flow blockchain, with the purpose of solving its blockchain congestion problem head-on by creating one primed for games and other interactive experiences. 

Dapper Labs is now using the flow blockchain for its own projects. This includes the NBA Top shot. Currently, as a user, you can interact with flow through NBA Top Shot. However, the flow marketplace is also open to other blockchain agencies and developers as well.

Final Thoughts

The adoption of non-fungible tokens in the gaming space is still in its infancy, so despite a lot of benefits unveiled, it is still prone to significant obstacles to overcome. However, despite challenges, NFT has risen to fame in the gaming industry. It has the potential to revolutionize and develop in-game asset purchases and also the way gamers consume online games. Nuts, through NFT marketplaces for gaming, can create a gaming world that doesn’t just offer thrills but also provides monetary value to participants and players also.

The gaming marketplace can be used by players, game fans, game publishers, design studios, and any other game or sport-related organization